1. Diligence, refinement and intelligence.
  2. Respect for responsibility and an unfailingly courteous manner make for good citizens.

Oin Junior and Senior High School provides education for young women throughout their high school years. ( In Japan, junior high schools include grades 7th through 9th and senior high schools include grades 10th through 12th. ) 

At Oin Junior High School we honor our founding mission by fostering a mindset of “courtesy and learning” through instruction in academic study and moral education adapted to the times.  In doing so our school endeavors to practice an educational philosophy of personal development that lends itself to the character building and scholarship required to advance to Oin Senior High School.  Oin Senior High School builds on Oin Junior High school’s curriculum and aspires to cultivate women with a sense of justice who will learn with abundant compassion and independence of mind. Our goal is to send accomplished graduates into the world who are active in all aspects of society, whether it be a professional career or the establishment of a fulfilling family life via a university education. 


Entering Oin, students are carefully guided by teachers of each and every subject, and are tasked with thorough learning of the foundations and basics of each subject.  Over time, motivated Oin students naturally learn the virtues of diligence, effort and perseverance by conscientiously studying and working their way through these basics and as a result cultivate rich sensibilities and nurture reasoning and creative skills.  

A constant focus of our school since its inception has been etiquette and moral education.  This education inspires students to interact with their peers with kindness and behave in a good-natured manner.  Physical and mental wellbeing are also given top priority within the school and there is no shortage of detailed guidance on fostering healthy relationship-building skills through club activities and a diverse range of other events.

Oin is committed to bringing out the brilliance of intelligence and nurturing the beauty of a kind heart through the everyday endeavors of school life so our students can enter their adult years with a fully developed sense of goodness and responsibility.


Yukiko Saito

Oin Junior and Senior High School was established in 1924, the year following the Great Kanto Earthquake.  The boarding house for Oinkai, the alumni association of the Tokyo Women’s Higher Normal School (currently Ochanomizu University), originally stood on the site of the current school but was destroyed by fire in the earthquake.  The Oin Junior and Senior High School was founded soon after when Oinkai appealed for donations from its members in an effort to realize the ideals of women’s education and contribute to society.

Since its founding Oin has strived to nurture independent women that value the spirit of “courtesy and learning.”

The spirit of “courtesy” can be described as the willingness to cooperate with even those that hold opposing values by always remembering to get to know and respect others.  The spirit of “learning” is to be humble in the process of acquiring wisdom in order to better oneself through study. It could be said that together these principles form an important foundation for life regardless of the changing times.  At our school, reading, friendly debate, experimental activities and other such pursuits are valued as opportunities to deepen self-learning. Our students understand the meaning and joy of learning through daily scholarship across a broad range of topics.  Through school wide events, grade-level events, extra-curricular clubs and committee activities, our students learn balanced social skills by considering a variety of different opinions and working collaboratively with their peers. Our school also takes advantage of opportunities to broaden our students’ learning and life experiences.  These include guests lectures delivered by specialists in various fields, career training sessions that draw on the skill sets of our graduates and collaborations with universities and major companies.

It is our sincere hope that this diversity of learning will help our students establish independence and grow into women of abundant intelligence and spirit that can work with a great many people to support the wider community.


1924Oin Girls’ School is established by Oinkai, the alumni association of the Tokyo Women’s Higher Normal School (currently Ochanomizu University), which aims to improve the educational environment for women and contribute to society after the Great Kanto Earthquake in the previous year.
1930Oin Girls’ High School is established as a five-year girls’ high school.
1947Oin Junior High School is accredited under the new education system.
1948Oin Senior High School is accredited.
1951Oin Gakuen Educational Institution is established.
1959Mt. Asama Lodge is built in Kita-Karuizawa, Gumma Prefecture.  Hibarigaoka Training Ground is completed in Hoya, Tokyo.
1970The new school building with the gymnasium and the indoor pool is built.
1988The new auditorium is built.
2003The new school building (the West Building) is completed for Oin’s 80th anniversary.
2019The 95th anniversary is celebrated.


( In Japan, the new academic year starts at the beginning of April and ends at the end of March. )

Term 1

School Opening Ceremony・Entrance Ceremony・Health Check-Up・Elections for Student Council President・Foundation Day
☆The PTA will host a welcome event for new students and their parents after the Foundation Day Ceremony (April 23).
Opening Day of the Swimming Pool・Student Assembly・Sports Day・Annual PTA Meeting
☆At Sports Day, students in the first year of Junior High School (7th Grade) through students in the last year of Senior High School (12th Grade) are divided vertically into teams to compete with each other.
Mid-Term examinations・Parent-Teacher Conferences・Guests Lectures
☆Students in the second year of Junior High School (8th Grade) attend physical training every Saturday at Hibarigaoka Training Ground.
Final Examinations・Intramural Sports Tournament・Intramural Swim Meet
Parent-Teacher Conferences・School Closing Ceremony・Summer Camps and Retreats
☆Students in the second year of Junior High School (8th Grade) participate in a 5-day swimming day camp at school.
☆Students in the first year of Junior High School (7th Grade) and those in the first year of Senior High School (10th Grade) participate in a 3-day retreat at Asama Lodge. Club training camps are also held there.

Term 2

School Opening Ceremony・Emergency Drill・Submission of Independent Research Project (9th Grade)・Cultural Festival
☆ Students in the third year of Junior High School (9th Grade) choose their own topics and begin research at the start of April for submission in early September. Many substantial research works are created every year. All works are displayed within the school and a presentation is held for students and parents. All works are compiled into a commemorative book.
☆Each club, student-led group, and service group showcase its performance or research outcome over the 2-day Cultural Festival. The Cultural Festival Planning Committee starts preparations for holding the event from April.
Mid-Term Examinations・School Excursions・Field Trip
☆Students in the third year of Junior High School (9th Grade) make a 4-day school trip to historic sightseeing spots such as Towada, Hanamaki, and Hiraizumi in Tohoku District. Students in the second year of Senior High School (11th Grade) visit Nara and Kyoto in Kansai Region on a 5-day trip.
NovemberParent-Teacher Conferences・Guest Lectures・Closing Day of the Swimming Pool
DecemberFinal Examinations・Intramural Sports Tournament・School Closing Ceremony

Term 3

JanuarySchool Opening Ceremony
FebruaryJunior High School Entrance Examinations・Mid-Term Examinations
MarchFinal Examinations・Intramural Sports Tournament・Graduation Ceremony・School Closing Ceremony